This is a French association, 1901’s law, which offers activities around diving with a gravel pit as a central place specially equipped for diving and every Wednesday a pool for trainings.

Every year we count about fifty members.



Our goal is to facilitate the largest number of practicing safely scuba diving on dive sites available to us in the East of France, and the borders of Germany and Switzerland.



We propose in all our members supervised snorkeling trainings in the pool every Wednesday.

In addition, each first Wednesday of the month, a bottle drive is programmed to offer you the opportunity to stay comfortable during dives or before leaving on vacation dives.

These workouts are fun, dynamic and especially not in a spirit of competition.


Eurodiving is the only association to have its own gravel pit equipped for diving in the area.

Fitted with a platform for any kind of launching, small decorations and a plane wreckage (piece of 6m), it allows to train all year round before leaving peacefully at sea.

The friendly spirit of our association is found after diving around a barbecue with friends in an area fitted with 2 large tables to eat, drink and chat!

On Sundays and holidays, you will be able to dive in this environment by being framed.

We also offer point outlets in Germany (night dives in the Rhin, Weekend Dive4Life), Switzerland (Lake of 4 Cantons, Lake of Biel, Lake of Neuchâtel), France (French Riviera), …


We remain active throughout the year by offering various activities around the dive:
– Easter, Christmas and New Year Scuba Diving
– Summer Feast of the association

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The association leases equipment if you do not have one available and have a compressor for diving bottles.